Just as with our Fleet, Heavy Duty, and Marine market data; we have the solutions for the Oil and Water (Engine Cooling) Heat Exchanger cleaning needs of a Diesel Locomotive. These same Diesel engines are also used for large stationary generators; and due to their long standby cycles, the Heat Exchangers are especially susceptible to fouling.

For the Oil Coolers, HECAT® offers the MARK IV PULSATOR® Oil Cooler Flusher, the Portable MARKII PULSATOR®, or the PULSATOR® FLUSH GUN will also fit this need. This equipment can be used to flush Engine, Transmission, Power Steering, and many other Oil Coolers and Lines.

The HECAT® ENGINE COOLING PULSATOR® is perfect for cleaning and cleaning up those nasty Cooling Systems problems. Don’t forget to order the 4 Inch HD Radiator Cone accessory, needed for HD Systems.

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration systems used on Railway Passenger, Commuter, and Refrigerated Box Cars are primarily HVAC style units using R-22. Just like with Shipboard Zone A/C and other like systems; these are very expensive and unique custom fitted systems. Unlike many residential and commercial applications; just replacing these units is not an option, and these systems will eventually need to be converted to a newer refrigerant like R-410a. This will often require a new compressor with new oil and new TXV(s) designed for working with the new refrigerant; and the rest of the system (Custom Heat Exchangers, Lines, Filter Housings, etc.) will need to be properly flushed of all remaining mineral oil and waste accumulations. This where we again see the aerosol can flush (“poof” can) like bringing a knife to a gunfight.

The good news is HECAT® has the answers. Take a look at the FAC-400 PULSATOR® A/C Component Flusher. Filtering-Recycling the solvent is both cost efficient and effective. If something smaller is needed, you will want to look at the FAC-200 PULASATOR® A/C Component Flusher or the PULSATOR® FLUSH GUN. All PULSATOR® Flushers us the SAFE-FLUSH® solvent; a low odor, and low VOC (CARB compliant), premium, precision cleaning solvent, formulated to dissolve both petroleum and synthetic refrigeration oils and residues.

Although the current commercial PULSATOR® units above are very capable of cleaning some very large system coils; we have developed, prototyped, and proven even larger volume and higher pulse flow processes. So don’t hold back about contacting us regarding your “big” problems, we are here to help, and we do have answers.


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