As a common and known issue with all waste water drain lines, Swimming Pool and “Water Feature” lines used for draining, pumping, cleaning, and filtration circulation; will clog and/or become restricted by debris, which the normal flow does not move. The most stubborn problems produce repeated service calls, huge costs, wasted time, unhappy customers, and lots of frustration.

Manmade “Water Features” such as commercial, public, and private Swimming Pools, Spas, Hot Tubs, Water Parks, Ponds, Aquariums, Waterfalls, etc.; will all have similar plumbing with multiple drains, skimmers, returns, cleaner systems, cascades, and many other features. More features means more intricate plumbing, looking like PVC “spaghetti”; before it is often completely encased in gunite/concrete. And in operation, they all end up sucking in trash, leaves, clothing, toys, rocks, and much more.

The Pool or “Water Feature” construction process itself creates and produces dirt, rocks, plaster, and gunite debris in both the plumbing lines and the electrical conduit piping. Installers will do their best, but some material can be lingering in the piping, long after construction is finished.

The many elbows and tees make traditional plumbing clearing methods less effective and/or less applicable. Typical flow and backflow flushing produces little energy; sometimes it can move a little, but it can also flow over, under, around, or take another path at a tee. Snaking these “spaghetti” lines also becomes very difficult, and damage to elbows and tees can occur. Air, Nitrogen, or CO2 gas purging is difficult to regulate and can easily damage the piping. Diving Plumbers are very expensive, and “digging it up” is often just not as simple, or easy as it sounds.

HECAT, Inc. has developed a solution to many of these above problems. A tool using the Patented PULSATOR® process, which converts air and water pressure into high flow and low pressure kinetic energy pulses. The frequency of the physical pulse energy contained in the outflow will “Hammer” loose line obstructions, and move heavy debris (which other methods just flow over); without producing any pressure damage to the lines. As an added benefit, the high frequency pulse produced by this tool, has also been shown beneficial to aid with acoustic underground plastic line locating.

So, before getting out the “Jack Hammer”, you will want to take a look at the…

HECAT® WATERHAMMER Swimming Pool & Plumbing Line Flusher.

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