FLUSHING (Transmission, Engine, P/S & more) OIL COOLERS

Depending on the type of oils used, Oil Coolers will typically accumulate varnish, waxy, and sludge type deposits from the lubricants constant temperature cycling process; and such deposits just become a sticky binder for debris when component failure occurs.

It does not matter if the Oil Cooler is used for automatic transmission, diesel engine, motorcycle, power steering, or a jet engine; the oil cooler must be properly cleaned to remove these contaminants and binding residues; in order to return the OE flow rate and proper thermal transfer performance. Anything short of complete cleanliness will leave behind residues and debris, which can and will have a negative effect on the life of new components, proper temperature control, and the overall system repair.

Aerosol cans containing various solvents or water based surfactants may cut some of the binding agents, but they lack any necessary velocity to move or carry out the debris. Heated oil flushers may produce a higher flow rate, but lack the solvency to completely and properly cut the sticky binding residues. Many myths about automatic transmission thermal valves (mostly internal today) and metallurgy thermal expansion are used to promote the heated oil process; but these tales do not stand up to technical analysis.

HECAT® is the originator of Transmission Oil Cooler flushing equipment and uses a highly effective solvent, combined with the patented high flow and high frequency kinetic energy air pulse process, to scrub all the internal paths, corners, and crevices; allowing for the complete remove of all residues and particulates. This process has been improved and refined over time and is more effective today, than ever.

Other than Oil Cooler replacement, there is currently no other methodology more effective than the HECAT® processes, at cleaning out this contamination, which is done every day by HECAT® customers with HECAT® products.

Yes, the capacity and capabilities are well suited for larger HD Oil Cooler applications such as truck, bus, construction, agriculture, mining, industrial, trains, aviation, military, marine, and much more.

You will want to look at the following equipment that uses the SAFE-FLUSH® solvent, which is compatible with all mineral and synthetic lubricating oils.




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Oil Coolers

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