Fleet / Heavy Duty

Truck, Bus, Heavy Equipment, etc. (See Heavy Duty Product Flyer on download page)

HECAT® offers professional, effective, superior, and required Heat Exchanger cleaning and patented flushing solutions for the following Fleet and Heavy Duty applications.

Air Conditioning/Refrigeration - Flushing Condensers, Evaporators, and Lines.

Flushing Transmission Oil Coolers (Allison), Engine Oil Coolers & P/S Coolers.

Engine Cooling - Flushing Radiators, Heater Cores, Blocks, Heads, & Intakes.

Controlling and managing the operating costs of Fleet/HD equipment, directly affects the owner/managing operator’s bottom line. Flushing, cleaning, rejuvenating, and reusing many of the above components reduces overall repair costs, while at the same time improves the cleanliness, and thus the quality of the repair project. Installing new parts into dirty, contaminated, or restricted systems, just does not work out so well.

Eliminate the cost of expensive dirty component replacement (unnecessary).

Reduce the risk from poor practices; and rapid or repeat failures (comebacks).

Reduce Equipment Downtime associated with the above (lost revenue).

Proper Thermal Management protects parts & systems (extends usable life).

HECAT® Products have a long and proven history with Air Conditioning repair in the Fleet/HD Markets. For many years, Ryder Transportation Services (RTS) has been using the FAC-400 PULSATOR® A/C Component Flusher as a required tool at all RTS Service Centers. Tour Buses and School Buses (in certain climates) require proper functioning A/C or they are not generating revenue or taking good care of their clients. Many Bus Service Companies do also use the FAC-400 PULSATOR®. For Mobile Service and climbing to the cabs on large equipment (Cranes, Mining trucks, etc.); the FAC-200 PULSATOR® or the PULSATOR® FLUSH GUN will fit the need. The HECAT® Patented PULSATOR® Process has also been used to manufacture a volume of a unique OE Essential A/C Flusher for the Navistar Dealer Network (Required Tooling).

Or over 30 years HECAT® has been providing Transmission Oil Cooler flushing equipment to the Transmission Repair Trade; for this required service procedure. Replacement (New, Rebuilt, or Remanufactured) HD Automatic Transmissions (City Trucks, Sanitation Trucks, School Buses, etc.) require proper cooler flushing and flow verification, to insure adequate oil return (lubrication) and thermal cooling. This will be a warranty requirement of your Transmission Supplier. For this service HECAT® offers the MARK IV PULSATOR® Trans Oil Cooler Flusher, the Portable MARKII PULSATOR®, or the PULSATOR® FLUSH GUN will also fit this need. This same equipment can also be used to flush Engine, Power Steering, and other Oil Coolers and Lines.

HD Engine Cooling Systems are suffering many of the same cooling system corrosion, contamination, and clogging issues common in many vehicles today. Because of the volume and cost of replacement antifreeze; HD Cooling Systems are often just supplemented with additives (SCA’s), which can often compound the problem, rather than reverse or correct. The HECAT® ENGINE COOLING PULSATOR® is perfect for cleaning and cleaning up these nasty Cooling Systems problems. Don’t forget to order the 4 Inch HD Radiator Cone accessory, needed for HD Systems.

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