H1000 A/C Refrigerant Flusher is the Only Dedicated Refrigerant Flusher of its kind, and the most cost-effective flushing process available today (based on operating costs), with complete refrigerant recycling; reducing labor, solvent costs, and disposal issues.

The H1000 is currently used where precision cleaning is critical; Maintenance and Repair Centers (Aviation, Automotive, Fleet, & Military), Aircraft Galley Refrigeration, Avionics Cooling, Cryogenic & Refrigeration Manufacturing, and Cleaning Compressor Test Stands at Most Leading OE Climate Control Research Facilities.

Validated: OE Required Tool for Sikorsky S-92 Helicopter.

Environmentally Responsible Closed Loop Recover & Recycle Process.

Fully Automated – High Flow Flush, Recover, Recycle, and Vacuum Dry.

Uses Honeywell’s GENESOLV® SF Exclusively (Product Sold Separately).

Recycled Refrigerant exceeds SAE and Honeywell purity standards.

For use with R134a and R1234yf systems – PAG, POE and POA Oils.

110V 50/60 Hz, ETL Approved to UL1963 (Recovery Machine Safety Standard).

Cleans Parallel Paths and Micro channels of Complex A/C Components.

Capable of Flushing thru a TXV (oil wash out) eliminating extensive tear out.

Simple Reversal of Hybrid System Oil Cross Contamination Issues.

Includes: HECAT® FAD-100 Universal A/C Adapter Kit.

Download (pdf) product page here.

Currently on a Limited Product Schedule (Please Call for Availability).

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