CAGE (Commercial and Government Entity) Codes are used to indentify entities doing business with the Federal Government. It is used to support a variety of mechanized systems throughout the government. FSC (Federal Supply Class) codes are used to group products into categories for management purposes and standardization; to put products into logical families for engineering technologies, disciplines, and practices.

HECAT Inc. CAGE Code: 341J5

FSC 1730 – Aircraft Ground Servicing Equipment.

FSC 4910 – Motor Vehicle Maintenance & Repair Shop Specialized Equipment.

FSC 4920 – Aircraft Maintenance & Repair Shop Specialized Equipment.

FSC 4940 – Shop Specialized Equipment.

FSC 6850 – Miscellaneous Chemical Specialties.

HECAT® is proud of its long history as a trusted and valued supplier to many Municipal, State, Federal, and Military entities. Our unique focus on internal heat exchanger cleaning for Air Conditioning, Climate Control, Refrigeration, Oil Coolers, Engine Cooling Systems, and other Heat Exchangers; is very applicable to your mission needs.

Please see our transportation and other market data to see the product applications info, which will best translate to your Municipal, Military, or other needs.

Automotive – Police, Fire, Motor Pool, Hummers, etc.

Aviation – All Aircraft (Piston, Jet, Fixed, Rotor, etc.) types and applications.

Marine – All Ship (Ferry, Tug, Cruise, Sub, etc.) types and applications.

Fleet/HD – Truck, Bus, Off-Road, Armored equipment, etc.

Also… HVAC, Pools, Plumbing, Trains, and more. Or just call us.

Feel free to contact us confidentially to discuss (what we can) about your specific heat exchanger cleaning needs/problems and the potential solutions we can offer. We are experienced in providing solutions and accustomed to working around the sensitivity of classified subjects. We don’t need to know ALL the details, to apply our patented cleaning processes, and provide you with a solution.  


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