PULSATOR® FLUSH GUN is a Multi-Use Internal Heat Exchanger Flusher for cleaning the internals of A/C components, Oil Coolers, & much more; using the HECAT® Patented PULSATOR® Process to convert pressure energy into high frequency, high velocity, low pressure, kinetic energy pulses. This high energy process is capable of cleaning even the most complex parallel path and micro channel components.

A quick, powerful, and effective tool for many solvent flushing applications.

HECAT’s most economical offering of a solvent PULSATOR® Flusher.

All the Power of the PULSATOR® Process, in its most Limited Feature Form.

Spray Cans, 1 Qt. Flush Guns, and Pour-in-Blow-out methods are obsolete.

Three options available. Download (pdf) product page here.

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