ENGINE COOLING PULSATOR® is the Popular, Quick, Effective, Powerful, and Complete Cooling System Flushing Tool Kit. No Chemicals Required.

This tool is based upon the HECAT® Patented PULSATOR® Process, which produces a true kinetic energy high frequency pulse in the liquid flow; the pulse energy is capable of lifting & suspending particulates, scrubbing the surfaces of restrictive buildups, and carrying it is all out in the pulse outflow. Pressure Energy is converted into Kinetic (velocity) energy; producing no risk of pressure damage to any system component.

One of every four vehicles on the road today has a neglected, contaminated, and dirty cooling system. Traditional fluid exchange machines, garden hoses, flushing tee, etc. are not removing the restrictive system buildups and component damaging abrasive particulates from the system; the real root problem. Stop chasing symptoms, changing parts, and fix the problem, improve the process, earn profits, and satisfy your customers; by efficiently cleaning, clearing, and restoring the entire engine cooling system (radiator, heater core, block, heads, and intake). Opportunity is out there.

STOP the Headaches of Comebacks for Repeat Cooling System Problems.

CURE all those Repeat Water Pump Failures and Parts Erosion Issues.

OWN the “FIX” to all the Repeat “NO HEAT” and Clogging Core Issues.

SELL the Cooling System Overhaul (thermostat, hoses, cap, antifreeze, etc.).

ELIMINATE Problematic Hot Spots and Erratic Engine Cooling Issues.

Part Number 118550 or 118550HD. Download (pdf) product page here.

HECAT® WATERHAMMER uses the HECAT® Patented PULSATOR® Process, which converts air and water pressure energy into high frequency, high flow, and low pressure kinetic energy pulses. This tool is used to safely clean and remove obstructions and debris from swimming pool type systems & other plumbing lines; without producing any pressure related damage. The complexities of these Swimming Pool type systems make many traditional plumbing line clearing options damaging and/or ineffective.

Complete Kit Includes Everything Needed for Flushing 1/2 thru 4 inch Lines.

Return Free Flow for Proper Function, Filtration, Draining, & Cleaning.

Remove Trash, Rocks, Leaves, Pool Toys, Plaster, Gunite, etc.

Clear Water Lines & Conduits Prior to Final Finish of New Installation Projects.

Pulse Frequency (acoustics) can assist in Locating Underground Plastic Lines.

Stop the Lost Time & Unhappy Customers with Repeat Service Calls.

This Tool Can Pay For Itself In the First Week of Use.

Download (pdf) product page here.

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