FLUSHING (Radiator, Heater Core, Block Heads, etc.) COOLING SYSTEMS

The chemistry of antifreeze products have gone thru a lot of changes with advent of the long-life and extended-life products. These new products (yes, even Dex), for the most part, do work very well in proper mixture as prescribed by the OE’s.

But not understanding the consequences of topping off with something different (mixing products), and the use of tap water; has created a lot of Cooling System problems. The fact that the OE’s have settled on 11 (or however many there is) different formulas and the Consumers think “lifetime”, and never service their system; does not help.

First we have chemistry experiments and reactions going on that can turn the mix into jelly, muck, mud, sludge, and what we like to call "goo". These concoctions will reduce freeze protection, heat dissipation, strip minerals from the tap water, accumulate & clog passageways; and generally produce the universal color of “Brown”.

Secondly, these contaminated systems are now accelerating corrosion and producing more iron and aluminum oxides (grinding compound) particulates than ever before, and potentially releasing more residual casting sands. These particulates then become abrasively destructive, which just domino’s the addition of more and more particulates into the system.

The mixing of this high particulate count with the chemistry “goo” produces “mud” that will accumulate and build up in the bottom of the block and radiator, clog the heater core, and restrict or block passages in the heads, intakes, and the hoses. This just creates hot spots, overheating, no heat, cavitation, abrasion, failed pumps, fouled sensors, and all kinds of problems.

It is near impossible to clean and clear the severity of such issues with just the fluid exchange process, suck & fill, drain and fill, or flushing with a hose; as the majority of particulates will just drop out and hide from such weak flow attempts. Chemical treatments have not proven to be the solution. This leads to a lot of repeat clogging, component failure, and overheating (vehicles, customers, technicians, owners, etc.).

Clearly, to resolve these issues; the abrasive and restrictive contaminants must be removed. The HECAT® ENGINE COOLING PULSATOR® uses a patented kinetic energy air pulse process to do just that. Simply put, the high frequency pulse will knock all the particulates loose, maintain them in suspension, scrub the “mud” off the walls, and bring it all out. 1 in 4 vehicles on the road today have a contaminated cooling system; that is a lot of cooling systems in need of a your services.

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