HECAT® products and dedicated engineering focus has been well received in the Aviation Industry; where quality practices, using validated processes, and following written procedures, are how maintenance and overhaul tasks are completed.

In Business Aviation, keeping the Climate Control System maintained and operating on the original R12 refrigerant, has been the recommendation and choice of many. However, the decline in availability of R12 Service Spares, R12 Service Equipment, and the R12 refrigerant itself; is now driving the need to retrofit the remaining R12 Aircraft.

SAE J166, written to meet the requirements of the Federal Airworthiness Regulations, combined with standard maintenance practices; are used to assure that the retrofit is done properly with minimum downtime for the aircraft. R134a is not a direct “drop-in” substitute for R12, and it is necessary to replace the oil, seals, desiccants, compressor, hoses, and to inspect, flush, and clean reused lines and heat exchanger components. The goal is to return the system to a “like new” condition.

Many written directives, advisories, and communiqué from Hawker, King-Air, Cessna, Bombardier, and others; are recommending the use of an A/C Flush Cart. So whether it’s contamination from system failure or the need to retrofit; most of these written specifications either name the HECAT Process specifically, or provide specifications to which the HECAT® Process will meet.

To maintain Climate Control Systems in their own business aircraft; FAA Service Centers (in addition to many others) are using the FAC-400 PULSATOR® A/C Flush Cart, and the SAFE-FLUSH® product (compatible with all refrigerant oils).

The HECAT® H1000 Refrigerant Recycling Flush Cart, which uses a refrigerant solvent from Honeywell (GENESOLV® SF - HFC-245fa - compatible with all synthetic refrigerant oils), has found a place in Commercial Aviation with Galley Refrigeration systems. The H1000 is being used by multiple Galley System Manufactures to clean new system components (and overhauls); as well as being recommended for use by their approved interior overhaul service centers worldwide. The H1000 has also be validated, written into the Service Manual, and is now a required GSE tool for the Climate Control System repair and overhaul needs of the Sikorsky S-92 Helicopter.

But Aircraft Climate Control Tooling is not all that we do; our engineering focus is on any and all types of Heat Exchanger cleaning. Our TRANS OIL COOLER PULSATOR® Solvent Flushing Products will transition well to piston engine, jet engine, fuel, avionics, and many other applications where cleaning, clearing, and decontaminating oil coolers is required. Also the ENGINE COOLING PULSATOR® uses water, and is well suited for Charge Air Cooler cleaning, and for effectively cleaning the air path side of many types of Heat Exchangers.

There are still many Aviation application possibilities for our products to meet or exceed specifications. Feel free to contact us anytime, to discuss your specific issues and needs; and how our products and processes can be applied as an effective solution.


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