Flushing, cleaning, rejuvenating, and reusing Heat Exchanger components (and circuits) keeps repair costs competitive; while also improving the cleanliness, professionalism, and quality of the repair work. HECAT® offers professional, effective, superior, and required Heat Exchanger cleaning, and patented flushing solutions, for the following Automotive applications.

Air Conditioning - Flushing Condensers (Yes, we can!), Evaporators, and Lines.

Flushing Transmission Oil Coolers, Engine Oil Coolers, P/S Coolers, Etc.

Engine Cooling - Flushing Radiators, Heater Cores, Blocks, Heads, & Intakes.

Thermal Systems are smaller, tighter, and much more efficient today. “Like New” cleanliness is now a supplier warranty requirement. Understanding how to, and properly cleaning and restoring the OE performance of the OE design is always the best strategy. Ignoring, using ineffective flushing processes, or installing new parts into dirty, contaminated, or restricted systems; is inappropriate, risky, and unprofessional.

Eliminate unnecessary and expensive component replacement (it’s just dirty).

Reduce poor practices, which lead to rapid or repeat failures (comebacks).

Reduce cost and “ill will” associated with the comebacks (lost revenue).

Proper Thermal Management protects parts & systems (and your work).

HECAT® Products have a long and proven history with Air Conditioning repair in the Automotive Market. Designed to meet or exceed OE requirements; our most popular unit is the cart mounted FAC-400 PULSATOR® A/C Component Flusher. For Smaller Shops and Mobile A/C Service work; the FAC-200 PULSATOR® or the PULSATOR® FLUSH GUN are also available to fit such needs.  The PULSATOR® flushers use SAFE-FLUSH®; a low odor, and low VOC (CARB compliant), premium, precision cleaning solvent; formulated to dissolve both petroleum and synthetic refrigeration oils and residues. The HECAT® H1000 A/C Refrigerant Flusher is the Only Dedicated Refrigerant Flusher of its kind, with complete refrigerant recycling; reducing labor, solvent costs, and disposal issues. The H1000 uses GENESOLV® SF  (HFC-245fa) by Honeywell; a Refrigerant solvent.

For over 30 years HECAT® has been providing Transmission Oil Cooler flushing equipment for this required service procedure. Proper cooler flushing and flow verification is required for oil return (lubrication) and thermal cooling. For this service HECAT® offers the MARK IV PULSATOR® Trans Oil Cooler Flusher, the Portable MARKII PULSATOR®, or the PULSATOR® FLUSH GUN. This same equipment can also be used to flush Engine, Power Steering, and other Oil Coolers and Lines. The PULSATOR® flushers use SAFE-FLUSH®; a low odor, and low VOC (CARB compliant), premium, precision cleaning solvent.

Engine Cooling Systems are suffering from system corrosion, contamination, and clogging issues, which are common in many brands and vehicles today. The HECAT® ENGINE COOLING PULSATOR® is perfect for cleaning and cleaning up these nasty Cooling Systems problems.

Feel free to contact us anytime, to discuss your specific issues and needs; and how our products and processes can be applied as an effective solution.


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