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FLUSHING (MVAC, HVAC, Refrigeration, Cryogenics, etc) COMPONENTS

Air Conditioning (A/C) and Refrigeration System failures create unique and sometimes substantial amounts of contamination (metal shards, burnt oils, dyes, sealers, & more). Compressors have become more precise, systems are smaller, lubrication quality is a must, and system cleanliness is the key to successful repair.

Other than new parts replacement, there is currently no other methodology more effective than the HECAT® processes, at cleaning out this contamination and producing a clean and dry starting point for system repair and restoration.

Ignoring such issues, guessing, or just blowing it with air or nitrogen (blow guns, pour in-blow out, little flush guns, aerosol cans); is not effective, not proper, not professional, and risky. In combination with the use of inappropriate chemicals, this entire scenario can often create more problems, than it will resolve.

Quite frankly, this unprofessional and ineffective approach has caused many in certain industries to proclaim and/or believe A/C flushing cannot be done correctly or that certain component designs cannot be flushed. But this is based on the above scenario of no tooling, poor performing tooling, inappropriate chemicals, lack of understanding, and the belief that professionals will not “step up”; this is far from the truth.

MVAC “Host” refrigerant flushing with the recovery machines eliminates concern about the use of inappropriate chemicals, but the solvency to remove unwanted materials comes into question. Furthermore, the valve and line sizes used in this equipment, clearly prohibits the possibility of producing a flow rate anywhere near necessary to move, let alone remove any debris. Anyway, we would not recommend trying to deliberately contaminate such required and needed service equipment.

A/C flushing can be done properly and professionally and is done every day by HECAT® customers with HECAT® products. This is a precision cleaning process that must be approached properly and professionally, and there is no place for the ineffective tooling, inappropriate chemicals, and shortcuts to this process. For proper and effective A/C flushing, you will want to look at the following products…

HECAT® uses a patented kinetic energy air pulse process to produce the following equipment that uses the SAFE-FLUSH®  solvent, which is compatible with all mineral and synthetic refrigerant oils.

FAC-400 (Recycling) PULSATOR®

FAC-200 (Portable) PULSATOR®


HECAT® also produces a dedicated high flow Refrigerant Flush & Recycle Cart that uses Honeywell’s GENESOLV® SF (HFC-245fa), which is compatible with the PAG, POE, & POA oils.

H1000 Refrigerant Flusher

Air Conditioning

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